To rise to the challenges of modern, dynamic market of logistics and forwarding, AkaPolCargo develops and delivers innovative and diverse solutions tailored to individual customer needs. In order to strengthen our position as the sole source provider, we complement our range of freight forwarding services by a number of storage services.

Our approach is to create personalized solutions based on the model of targeted services that focus on people, process and technology. The combination of these factors, together with the continuing efforts to satisfy our clients is a vital part of our business and trademark.

The range of services offered in the field of comprehensive warehousing includes:

  • demoulding containers
  • storage of goods
  • reloading
  • packing of goods
  • picking and palletizing
  • binding

We believe that this wide range of services will exceed your expectations and encourage you to choose our company as partner in helping your business to grow and function as efficiently as possible. We would be happy to take part in your ventures by providing satisfactory, efficient and flexible services.