Maritime and Aviation

Transport Morski i Lotniczy

We provide international maritime transport of goods with a clear plan specifying the duration of the transit and goods tracking service. Should our client wish to transport goods in part or in entirety as shipment, our experts will be able to tailor services to particular needs efficiently and at competitive prices.

We offer a full range of global maritime transport and are able to deal with cargo of any weight and dimension, from single pallets to full containers, special equipment or goods of large size. We can transport your cargo almost anywhere, provide convenient collection and delivery, and document the shipping, insurance and customs clearance of goods.

In the field of Maritime Transport, we offer:

  • forwarding services of containerized cargo via maritime transport, both in export, import and transit, based on a trustworthy and reliable network of shipowners
  • organizing the transport of bulk/liquid
  • carriage of containerized cargo by road transport in relation terminal - magazine sender/recipient
  • carriage of containerized cargo by road transport in relation magazine sender/recipient - container terminal
  • car transport with container, tarpaulin and specialist vehicles within Western Europe
  • stripping of containers, packaging, palletizing
  • customs clearance
  • transport insurance

Will also help you should you require assistance in transporting goods as quickly as possible by offering air transport services. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best, optimal solutions.